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5 Of The Lowest Paying Jobs Around The World

It is a rather important decision when it comes to planning out your future. It initially starts off with choosing a career and earning a degree or some other equivalent educational qualification in order to be accepted into the job market. Today, just being passionate about a cause or what you want to do is not enough. There have to be studies made into the practicality of practicing a certain career as what we may think pays ludicrously might not. The amount of work done does not really promise a directly proportional pay. In fact, some of the most underpaid jobs are carried out by those we think do so much work and therefore must be paid better than others.

The job of being a psychologist

While we may think that a psychologist earns over 6 figures, think again! Most of them do not need a doctorate degree to practice and a masters will usually suffice along with a year or two of internships. These doctors are not allowed to prescribe medicine either as it is the job of a psychiatrist. They deal with the human mind, cognitive, social progress and basically the human psyche. It mainly deals with the observation of people and analysis of how they interact and communicate with others and questions posed. It is an important job but it is wrong to think that they are well paid.

Being an Executive chef

Although it sounds glamorous, it is not. One may picture an executive chef wearing a white top hat and bossing around the others around the kitchen while giving out orders. However, being one is one of the most stressful jobs around. An executive chef is supposed to direct the kitchen staff as well planning the menu. It is the media that portrays such people to be in positions of ease and earning a load of money. However, this job definitely pays better than that of a handyman Dubai.

The life of a repairman

Whenever an odd job around the house needs to be completed, the first person to call is a handyman. While some have set rates and are employed on a contractual basis, others come in as they are called. It is one of the least paid professions out there.

Chemists working in laboratories

These professionals work inside a lab to test the chemical composition and nature of elements in order to make sure that it up to the standard required by law. It would be interesting to know that they require an undergraduate degree in most of the countries to qualify for the job. They also find ways to develop and improve these products by analyzing the organic and inorganic compounds and their properties.

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