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Archives: November 2016

Tips And Ideas On Getting Your Invitations Right


Invitations for a special occasion or for any even that matters to you requires a lot more time and energy than you realize. Most of us will leave it to the end of the list of things to do which will result in a last minute picked invitation that does not even fit the theme you are going for. But sometimes you do not want to spend a lot of money on the invitations either, so you will grab something that is cheaper. But this does not have to be the case if you know the process for getting your invitations done right.

First impressions matter a lot

The invitation is the first thing that your guests will see with regard to your event. According to wedding organisers some guests may even decide on their RSVP after looking at and judging the invitation itself. The invitation should show the personality of the person the event is about. So if it is a birthday party then it should follow the general theme colors for the event but the content should be customized to show off the personality. Subtle details about the event are embedded into the invitation like the tone, quality, effort put in, care for making the invitation and the thought about the invitee. So many people make their judgments right after looking at the invitation.Customize the card to show the theme

According to beach wedding organizer professionals, you can show off the beauty of the theme you have picked with the invitation a lot more than other decorations. You can add natural elements onto the card, or even fake symbols and such to elaborate more on the theme. You can cut back costs on adding embossing texts and other graphical things that cost a fortune if you go for items that you pick up from recyclable items and such. Link here for more information about the company that offer tailored floral arrangement services.

Go for a variety when it comes to RSVP

There are a variety of methods that you can use for getting the guests to choose their RSVP detail and send it to you. You can go all tech savvy and add a QR code for the guests to go to a webpage or such and RSVP online; which is extremely convenient as you can get the update every minute or even second. Or if you want to go for the traditional tick and mail or call and confirm, then add meal options, seating preferences and such along with a deadline for the RSVP.

Make sure that the content suits the personality of the event holder but it does not cut down the amount of details. An invitation that does not have everything listed down properly will be useless to a guest.