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Archives: April 2016

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Business More Productive

Is your business struggling to be more productive? Do you have employees wasting time on menial tasks, outdated computers that slow things down and an overall incapability to meet goals on time? Then your business is seriously going to suffer. Being productive is extremely important for increasing your profit margins. Go ahead and read the below tips for making your company productive for the long haul:
1. Digitize Everything
When you are a business in 2016, you need to take full advantage of the technology available to stay ahead of your competition. Find IT solutions to your productivity problems by investing in time saving software, automating menial tasks and eliminating paper in favor of digital files. You will save a lot of time and money on the long run.
2. Cut Back Meetings
Do you have employees who often hold meetings? Frequent meetings are a time waster and rarely do anything to move projects forward. Instead of letting your employees waste time at meetings, appoint a project leader who is responsible for meeting deadlines. Get software or online services to coordinate project without wasting time to meet. IT solutions UAE are the best for saving time.
3. Use Cloud Storage
When you have paper files, or files stored on USB drives, it wastes a lot of time for employees to access files, and you lose a lot of money maintain and protecting these archives. Therefore, move all your work files online to a cloud storage platform like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or DropBox. There are many for business to choose from that offer lucrative packages suitable for office use. With cloud storage, you can your employees can access files from any device, even from home. You can easily control access to files, also.
4. Outsource as Necessary
Sometimes, your employees cannot handle everything. There’s little point in expecting highly qualified employees to handle menial tasks that even an intern can. You can take a load off your employees’ back and free their schedules for more important tasks by outsourcing menial tasks. For example, you can easily hire a freelancer for cheap for writing material or graphics. Likewise, see where it’s more productive to just outsource tasks to increase productivity.
5. Market for Free
Instead of wasting time and money on marketing conventionally, promote your product online using social media sites and Google Ads. You will only need a handful of employees to run an online marketing campaign.
Always look for ways to be productive as much as you can. That is the secret to any successful business.

Should You Clean Your Air Duct?

No matter what part of the world you reside in, air ducts may be used for different reasons. Whether it’s for exhaust, air conditioning or heating, air ducts are generally part of the technology used to maintain a steady stream of air in an establishment. While we all know that these systems need to be maintained for hygiene reasons, there is debate on the merits of the procedure. There are several cleaning companies in Dubai that offer such services. Generally, it is an extension of the service providing the product, be it air conditioning or exhaust systems. While some establishments do fine without a cleanup even after an extended period of time, there are plenty of experts that swear by regular maintenance of air ducts for health and safety reasons.
Air duct cleaning is the process of cleaning the pathways that lead to any system that controls the flow of air. This generally includes air conditioning, exhaust systems and heat systems. There is anecdotal evidence that suggests that maintenance of these ducts can reduce allergies considerably. From a logical point of view, it makes plenty of sense. When dust accumulated in an air duct, failing to clean it can affect individuals residing in a room within a building where air is conditioned via that particular duct. In reality, it’s not that simple.
Even though there may be some merit in doing this, most health experts agree that it needs to be done around once per year. This can be a little conflicting because most companies that offer such services do it on a more frequent basis. However, there is another side to this story. Apart from hygienic regions, air duct cleaning has also has merits in terms of overall efficiency. Studies indicate that cleaning the vents can increase efficiency of the equipment by up to 40%.
Considering the overall merits of cleaning these vents, it would be a good idea to contract a company to get the job done at least a few times a year. However, before you undertake this task, it’s important to look into the credentials of the company. Poor procedures can lead to more harm than damage so make sure you look into the expertise of the company before you agree to work with a particular company. There is not price standardization so be sure to look into multiple options.
It would be a good idea to be familiarized with what a vent would look like when it needs a clean-up so that you can make the call when you are certain that the ducts needs to be cleaned. Or it could lead to unnecessary expenditure.